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Make Google Your Best Friend!

Life was so much easier with phone books. In those days all you had to do to achieve a high listing was to call your company “A1” something or other. Nowadays search engines like Google and Yahoo have taken over and achieving a top ranking website takes rather more effort.

In very basic terms, Search Engines work by gathering information about individual web pages and storing it on the search engines index. This information is then analysed and the order of the search listings are calculated according to the relevancy of the browsers search term.

So, how does a website achieve a high ranking? Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure your copy focuses frequently on the key selling points of your business
  • Use language, phrases and spelling appropriate to your individual marketplace and geographical location
  • Flash and similar programs are designed to enhance the look of a website. Words and phrases appeal more to search engines
  • Link to other relevant websites

SEO is a confusing subject and the goalposts are being moved continuously. iCode solutions will be happy to explain the benefits and pitfalls to give you a clearer picture.