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Email Marketing: Is It For You?

The paperless office forecast by so many never happened, but for marketing purposes, email is swiftly replacing postal campaigns in a bid for a more cost effective and flexible method of business to business communication.

Email marketing requires careful planning to make it relevant and interesting to customers. Target the recipients, and make sure the information you supply is of interest to them. Make sure you are not supplying unsolicited emails (spam). These are not only illegal but are unlikely to get through the sophisticated filters available nowadays.

Assuming your recipient is an existing customer or contact, wherever possible personalise the information with a short introduction. This will help to jog their memory in the direction of your company.

Encourage people to opt in to receiving your emails and always provide the opportunity to opt out at any time. Incentive schemes often reap excellent results.

In short, effective email marketing involves targeting regularly to relevant contacts to achieve maximum results for minimum outlay.