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The Case for Responsive Design

Internet Marketing and PPC

An intrinsic part of web marketing strategy, online advertising enables you to express key messages digitally and cost effectively.

Internet marketing compared to traditional marketing and business promotion can be an inexpensive way to achieve better results, and iCode Solutions can add real value to your web marketing budget. Continue reading

What is a CMS

A content managed website (CMS) is a system that allows you to review, edit & publish a sites content to suit your business need. It allows you to ensure that the content on your site is up to date, maximizing the chances of visitors returning, leading to repeat business, whatever you’re sector a content managed site is the way forward.

When Acronyms Attack

At iCode Solutions we attempt, wherever possible, to communicate every aspect of our work in plain English. However, we do realise there are occasions when a glossary of computer terms may be useful to our clients. Here are a few of the most commonly used: Continue reading